This game was originally released on the playstation 1 and later onto
the gameboy color.
It's a 3rd person single player game that I would say is akin
to a tomb raider game with her jumping around mechanics and flipping.
The main game is essentially just saving hostages and if you get too close to
them or accidentally throw your chakram at them or slash to close to them
they'll explode blood everywhere and pass out on the ground. You have to save a certain amount of hostages in the level and then a key appears to
progress in the game. Kind of an insane game mechanic but its
a fun work around to have xena doing 'the right thing' other than a game where you are just killing enemies senselessly.

I think this game is really interesting
because one of the main messages of the entirety of Xena the show is the difference between killing someone and nonlethal take downs.
So much to the point that while you're watching the show you're actively paying attention to whether or not xena and gabrielle are
permanently killing someone or just disarming them. Its such a strong message all throughout xena that this game tries to
tackle that with a funny little karma meter. You earn 'Karma' every time you kick
or punch someone to release a hostage instead of
using your sword or chakram attacks.
And when the karma meter fills up xena does double the amount of damage!

Theres also something called the 'super chakram' powerup that just explodes all the enemies on your screen which is also kind of awesome.
My only complaint is that the game isn't voiced by the actually actresses for
Xena and Gabrielle which seems a little weird seeing as theyre already
using the license to have their actual faces all over the game.
It's a pretty fun game adaptation and its got a wonderful old
video game aesthetic to it that gives it the same retro charm that Xena has.

And I'm so pleased to tell you that the entirety of the
Playstation 1 Xena: Warrior Princess: The Game is available for everyone to play for free in your browser on the Internet Archive! Here's the link to it!